Book Review




Visual Basic 6: The Complete Reference

Noel Jerke

Osborne / McGraw-Hill, 1999

ISBN 0-07-211855-5


Written for a user with some exposure to previous editions of Visual Basic, the book offers an in-depth coverage of new features of Visual Basic 6. The book is distributed in five major sections. The first part explores the new feature and the integrated development environment. The concept of objects in Visual Basic is introduced early and reader is guided in development of an ActiveX control.  It is followed by discussion on incorporating databases with VB program. A chapter on building internet applications provide valuable information for setting foot in this fast growing field. The next set of chapters covers window interface, API call and error handling


Client/Server programming takes the centre stage in part III. The concept of client/server programming is illustrated through an example project. The overall project structure, the user interface, setting up classes, and detail code development is laid out in order. The final section of the book gets into the detail of internet-based applications It goes in detail about building Internet Information Server (IIS) applications.  Again the reader is guided through well structured program development. An accompanying CD-ROM contains all the program examples covered n the book.


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